VMware VM failed to power on with the error: The object or item referred to could not be found

Hi All,


Today, I came across an issue where a powered off VM was showing a inaccessible, when I tried to power on this VM, VM failed to power on with the error:

          “The object or item referred to could not be found”


I have look into log file, vmware.log file of the virtual machine (located in /vmfs/volumes/datastore_pandy/test-pandy/),


| vmx| VMX idle exit
| vmx| VMIOP: Exit
| vmx| Vix: [124241 mainDispatch.c:900]: VMAutomation_LateShutdown()
| vmx| Vix: [124241 mainDispatch.c:850]: VMAutomationCloseListenerSocket. Closing listener socket.
| vmx| Flushing VMX VMDB connections
| vmx| VmdbDbRemoveCnx: Removing Cnx from Db for ‘/db/connection/#1/’
| vmx| VmdbCnxDisconnect: Disconnect: closed pipe for pub cnx ‘/db/connection/#1/’ (0)
| vmx| VMX exit (0).
| vmx| AIOMGR-S : stat o=123 r=327 w=6 i=8 br=5357568 bw=638976
| vmx| VMX has left the building: 0.


And also in the hostd.log of the host (located in /var/log/), you see entries similar to


[27610B90 info ‘vm:/vmfs/volumes/Lun/Datastore_pandy/test-pandy.vmx ‘]”Error retrieving MemoryClientStats for file layout : vmodl.fault.ManagedObjectNotFound”

To work around this issue, rescan the datastores for the ESXi cluster.

To rescan the datastores, right-click the Cluster level or the data center level and click Rescan for Datastores.

Note: If the Rescan for Datastores option is grayed out when connected to the vCenter Server, use the vSphere Client to connect to the individual hosts and perform the datastore rescan.

It cause mostly in ESXi 5.0 and 5.1.


Thanks for reading, if you like please like and comment for any queries !!


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