Setup and Configure Selenium Web driver With Eclipse and Java


Pre requisites:

  • Windows 64 bit OS
  • Ms Excel 2003 ( if suing 2007 need to download corresponding selenium binaries)


Step 1

In the first step, download and install JDK (Java Development Kit) in your system.

For downloading Java, you need to visit the following link:


Step 2

In the second step, download and install Eclipse from the link below:


Step 3

Download the Selenium Java Client Driver from:



Step 4

Configure Eclipse to work with Web driver:

  • Double click on ‘exe’ to launch eclipse
  • When asked to select for a workspace, just accept the default location. Or, you can change the location.
  • Create a new project as “Health”.
  • Right-click on the newly created project and select New > Package, and name that package as “Health”


Step 5

Add Jar Files to the Library:

  • Right-click on “Health” and select “Build Path” and then “Configure Build Path”.
  • Right-click on Health and select “Build Path” and then “Configure Build Path”.
  • This will open the Libraries tab in Properties dialog. Then on click “Add External JARs…”
  • Navigate to  extracted contents of “
  • Add all the JAR files inside and outside the “libs” folder.

These are the Jar files present outside the Libs folder:

These are the Jar files present inside the Libs folder:

  • Then your Properties dialog should look similar to the image below:
  • Finally, click on the OK button and we are done with importing Selenium libraries into our project.



  • Now, we are ready to test our script in Eclipse and run it in WebDriver.





Thanks All J